Circle K EUROPE Card
Circle K EUROPE Card
europe card
europe card

Circle K EUROPE Card

Wherever in Europe you may be, a Circle K EUROPE card with ROUTEX function is your key to cashless access to quality fuels, lubricants and other on-road products and services. ROUTEX is one of the biggest fuelling networks in Europe
Routex network

ROUTEX is an international network alliance between Aral, BP, Circle K, Eni and OMV with over 20,000 sites in 33 countries, including over 9,000 sites specifically designed to cater for the needs of our truck and bus customers. The mutual card is accepted at all sites. This gives the advantage of being able to offer customers a high quality network in Europe. This is one of the biggest international networks in Europe.

Your Circle K EUROPE card keeps you moving even in the unlikely event of a vehicle breakdown, providing professional breakdown services for trucks and buses all across Europe. Wherever in Europe you may go, a filling station or service provider that accepts your Circle K EUROPE card is always nearby.

Circle K Europe card with Routex

Circle K EUROPE card

- To be used in 33 countries and 20.000 fuel sites
- Includes road tolls and breakdown services
- Offers VAT and diesel tax refunds
- VAT invoices allowing swift VAT reclaim are provided
- Highest security with online authorisation and mandatory PIN

Service code  Scope of purchases
60 Purchase of diesel fuels and AdBlue, cashless payment of tolls, levies and fees for roads, tunnels, bridges and parking, emergency repairs*
61 60 plus petrol fuels and 2-stroke mixtures
62 61 plus motor and gear oils, anti frost agent for radiator and windows
63 62 plus car wash and cleaning
64 63 plus tyres, batteries, spare parts, accessories and servicing
65 64 plus all other goods and services at the station

* Breakdown service

FAQ - Circle K EUROPE Card

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