miles® - better fuel, same price

Our new miles® diesel is tested and proven to give a more efficient incineration. By using miles® you can and reduce the diesel consumption by up to 2,3%*.

Better Economy

Fuel account for approximately 26%** of the total costs for a long-distance haulage and a reduction in fuel cost offers a significant opportunity for reducing the overall fleet costs.
A heavy duty vehicle consuming 40.000 litres diesel will save 920 litres using miles. With an estimated diesel price of 1,30 EUR this is equivalent to an annual saving of 1.200 EUR. For a company with 20 trucks the annual saving will be 24.000 EUR. This is equivalent to 18.500 litres diesel which means that one truck drives for free half a year.

Reduced CO2 emission

2,3% reduction of diesel consumption also means a 2,3% reduction of your CO2 emission. By saving 920 liters diesel you will reduce your emission with 2.466 kg CO2 annually***.

Reduced maintenance cost

Fouled injectors are a frequent problem due to improper fuel and the most common way to address this problem is to change the injector. The average price of new fuel injectors is about 8.000 EUR. 

miles deposit control additives clean and protect the engine, gives a cleaner engine and less wear and tear. Used over time miles® will clean and protect the engine and thus affect the general maintenance of the engine.

miles gives smoother driving, reduced engine noise and better cold start.

All diesel from Circle K contains miles additives. This includes auto diesel, off-road diesel and biodiesel B30.

miles takes you further due to cleanfuel injectors

Dirty fuel injectors

Dirty fuel injectors

• Uneven flow of fuel injected into the combustion chamber
• Not optimal blend of air and fuel
• Uneven fuel ignition
• Formation of deposits
• Increased emission
• Less power and performance
• Increased fuel consumption

Clean fuel injectors

Clean fuel injectors

• Even flow of fuel injected into the combustion chamber
• Optimal blend of air and fuel
• Ensuring fuel ignite smoothly
• Prevent formation of deposits
• Reduced emission
• Preserve power and performance
• Reduced fuel consumption

Why fuel miles®?

Why fuel miles

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* Result of a 9 months test of miles diesel in cooperation with a big company in Denmark in 2013. The test was conducted with 93 different heavy duty vehicles and 4,2 millioner liter diesel in the test period. The savings may vary by engine type and driving pattern and can only be achieved by regularly fuelling of miles

** PwC AS 2008; The truck industry’s green challenge. Headwind or competitive edge? Page 38.

*** CO2 tailpipe per liter diesel: 2,680 kg. 920 liter x 2,68 =2.466 kg CO2