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Sustainability initiatives at Circle K

As a global supplier of fuel and convenience, we are at the heart of an industry accountable for large CO2 emissions. Our society today depends heavily on fossil fuels, but we have a great responsibility to make our business sustainable as soon as possible.

We challenge ourselves as well as our suppliers to move continuously towards more sustainable solutions. These are our key developments in Europe:


We are implementing next generation high speed chargers for electrical cars across Europe and test other charging offers to make it easier for people to convert to electric vehicles. To reduce emissions from combustion engines we increase our blending of biofuels based on EU sustainability criteria and carefully selected  raw material. We develop high quality fuel additives for better fuel efficiency and offer AdBlue additive reducing emissions form diesel cars.


We use certified suppliers and develop even more transparent supply chains for food ingredients as well as packaging. Information about calories, nutrition and allergens will be made more easily available on all our menu items. We work to reduce sugar and salt, replace trans-fats with unsaturated fats in our products, increase our vegan, vegetarian and organic offers and reduce portion sizes and energy density of our products to limit excess calorie intake.


We complete the use of Rainforest Alliance certified coffee in Europe this year, we expand our coffee concept to include the most environmentally friendly solutions for roasting, distribution and packaging, removing aluminum in coffee bags and using recyclable cups. We develop new solutions to make sure our coffee grounds are reused.

Car wash

We use oil separators to eliminate spill from all carwashes, and are completing the use of water recycling systems to reduce the use of water to a minimum, we are increasing the capacity and pushing towards even better technology in both areas.  We increase the energy efficiency and implement swan labelled chemicals as well as reduce the use of chemicals.

To engage our customers, we use coffee and carwash campaigns for fundraising, financing the European Circle K Social Engagement Program supporting partner organizations working with youth at risk in all our countries.