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Success Stories

Success Stories

Circle K is full of very talented and amazing employees. We would like to introduce some of them here and share their success stories with you.


Elizabete Mitre - HR Business Partner

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    I started my journey 4 years ago as a student worker in the HR Management and Recruitment Team. At that time, I didn't even know what I was up to and how it would go. After 6 months my internship ended, and I was promoted to a Junior Recruitment Specialist position. I had never led an interview by myself before. However, my team was ready to teach me all the tricks and tips. Later, I got a Recruitment Specialist position and I still love to lead interviews every day.

    A few months ago, I went a step further and got a Junior HR Business Partner role and I am ready for the challenges and development that will come together with it. Global. Inspiring. Supportive. Family.

    “People, growth, and innovations are the main reasons why I like to work and why I am proud to be part of our global family. My colleagues are supportive and positive professionals from whom I can learn every day.”


Jūlija Ņikiforova - Senior Manager Fuel Contract Management

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    I joined Circle K Business Centre seven years ago as a Distribution Planner for Poland. After just a year I was appointed as Supply Coordinator for Central and Eastern Europe; later I stepped up as a Distribution and Supply Manager. The next step in my career was when we started to support North America with fuel distribution planning.

    It is hard to believe, but exactly two years ago we began this journey and now we are planning fuel deliveries in Phoenix, California, Midwest, Texas, Coastal Carolina, Gulf Coast, Florida, Georgia, and other markets from Riga Business Centre.

    Now I have joined a Fuel Contract Management team as the next step in my career.

    “Logistics is a very dynamic field – this is what I like about it. You will never get bored working here. Circle K is a company where everyone can excel. No matter if you want to grow within an expert role or take a leadership path - opportunities are there for everyone.”


veronika 2

Veronika Taraševska - Consultant HR Administration

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    “I started as a store Customer Representative in 2007. After three years I became Store Manager Assistant. In just one year, I got another promotion to a Store Manager position. I moved further on and at the end of 2017, I had a chance to join Circle K Business Centre in the HR Payroll Team.”

    “During this time, I had an opportunity to work for several countries, which is an amazing experience as the cultures are so different. For me, Circle K is my second home and my second family; a place to grow. I am very lucky to be able to do things I enjoy.”

    “I will not be original here in saying that my team is the best team in the world, but it is 100% true!”


Maciej Andrzej Wojcik - Sr. Manager Distribution & Supply

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    10 years ago I started as a Fuel Distribution Planner for southern Poland. Within two years I got promoted to Team Leader for Poland Fuel Distribution and soon after for the entire of Central and Eastern Europe. In the meantime, I got involved in projects, where I gained a lot of experience. Currently, I am leading the Supply Europe and Distribution Planning Team for Ireland.

    Circle K is a place, where I can grow and have access to real daily operations on a very unique scale, which is hard to find in the Central and Eastern Europe marketplace. It is very dynamic and never boring.

    I really enjoy cooperating with my colleagues and team as they all have a great passion for their work. I would describe my team as all for one and one for all!