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About us

Circle K Business Centre in Riga

Circle K Business CentersCentres are located in two European Cities Riga and Warsaw.

Circle K Business Centre in Riga   

Circle K Business Centre is a shared service centre in Riga, Latvia that supports Circle K operations within Finance & Control, Information Technology, Human Resources, Transport Fuel, and Customer Service. Business Centre in Riga delivers value-added services in several languages to Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ireland, Canada, and the USA. It is the Top employer in 2020 in Latvia's GBS Sector, as well as the 2nd biggest GBS (Global Business Services) Centre* in Latvia. 

Circle K Business Centre in Warsaw   

Business Centre Riga has a sibling in Warsaw Poland. Around 200 employees work in the office. The Business Centre in Warsaw focuses on IT areas such as Network Operations, Business Intelligence, Software Development, Applications Support, Architecture Infrastructure. You can learn more about the Business Centre in Warsaw HERE  

*What are the global business service centres (GBSC)?

GBS Centres are globally represented companies with business units in Latvia responsible for providing support services (IT, accounting and finance, client service, procurement, logistics, legal, document management, and others) to its group companies worldwide or providing similar services to legally unrelated entities. Read more about the GBS industry on our partner's web page ABSL-LATVIA.LV

A part of the Global Circle K  

Circle K has a very strong brand presence in Latvia, nevertheless, Business Centre Riga is much more than this. We are a part of the Global organisation. Circle K is one of the world’s leading convenience and fuel retail businesses and has approximately 14,200 sites across its network in North America (U.S. and Canada), Europe (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, and Baltics), Asia, and the Middle East. We are a family of more than 100,000 merchants around the world.

Our Worldwide Network 

Please have a look where Circle K has its presence all around the Globe. 

our people

Our People

~ 124,000 people working in our stores and offices



Circle K is present in 25 countries all around the world


Our sites

We have ~ 14,200 sites serving our customers across the Globe

United States 

7,150 sites 



2,111 sites


EU & other regions

3,067 sites



1,894 sites 


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We believe our people are the foundation of our success and contribute deeply to our global culture of respect and excellence. Our dynamic office teams support our rapid-growing network of stores worldwide and help drive innovation and development in all parts of our business. In Circle K we have a common set of beliefs; beliefs that are important for our culture and the way we work.

    • We work together to make it easier for our customers and colleagues.
    • We stay humble and celebrate shared successes.
    • We have fun and care for each other.
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    • We act with honesty and integrity.
    • We are inclusive; we treat each other, our customers, and our suppliers with respect.
    • We strive towards a cleaner, safer, equitable workplace and planet.
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    • We treat the business as our own.
    • We seek out problems, act quickly to solve them and deliver better results.
    • We take responsibility, and when we make mistakes, we learn from them.
    • We challenge ourselves to play offense, not defense, which means we need to be quick and innovative.
    • We show up every day ready and committed to make an impact using our talents, passion, and hard work.

What is our ambition?

Our ambition is to become, without any doubt, the best Business Centre in the region by focusing on two levers:


Business Centre Vision

To be the best place to work in the Baltics.


Business Centre Mission

Make our customers’ lives a little easier every day.

Facts about the Business Centre.

Business Centre Riga is constantly striving for improvements, achievements, development, and results. Please take a look at some facts about our business centre that we are proud of. 

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We operate in 11 countries

Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ireland, Russia, Canada, and the USA.


> 650 employees in Riga office

More than 700 employees working in a cozy Riga office.

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Founding member of ABSL

Circle K Business Centre is a founding member of The Association of Business Service Leaders in Latvia (ABSL).


Certified ACCA employer

Business Centre in Riga is certified as a Gold Level Approved Employer by the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).


Growth possibilities

In the last two years 25% of employees have been promoted. In Circle K we aim to find talents and allow our people to do what they do best. If you are committed to what you do you will be recognised.


> 200 employees speak Scandinavian or Polish

Business Centre is a very multicultural place which is full of multicultural people who can speak 3-4 languages.


Equal opportunities for everyone

We respect everyone regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or disabilities.


Innovation driven business

Automation, Virtual Assistant, Global Data Center consolidation, Global case management system, Loyalty rogrammes.

Diversity. Inclusion. Belonging.

Implementing a culture of Diversity & Inclusion has become our goal and passion here at Circle K. In simple terms Diversity and Inclusion for our company means - a place where we treat all people with respect and where people’s unique talents and individual differences are used to create a positive value. To live by these values we have established the “Diversity and Inclusion Ally group’’ in Business Centre Riga. The group implementing global & local initiatives covering all areas of Diversity & Inclusion. People from the group are able to contribute with their own ideas and actions with the aim to build an inclusive workplace for all of us. Any employee from the Business Centre can become a part of this group.

Working in the Circle K Business Centre

We know it takes world-class people doing what they do best to build a world-class organisation. Investing in developing our people is crucial for reaching our ambition. The Circle K Business Centre academy secures excellent onboarding, enhances functional skills, and provides the necessary tools for our talents to grow. In return for your commitment, energy, and ambition we offer you security and responsible freedom in carrying out what you do best in your job. There are four main reasons why Circle K Business Centre might be one of the best places to work.


Dynamic Workplace

Things happen fast in our company and change is part of our exciting journey. It may be demanding at times as it requires you to be flexible but we have
a strong belief that by doing this together we achieve wonders.


Global Company

We are a global company with international career opportunities. You will collaborate with teams across the organisation to help reach our ambition.


Continuous Development

Career development doesn't always have to mean a step up with us; you also get the opportunity to become an expert in your own field. Individualised training and professional and ambitious colleagues will help you on your way.


Caring Employer

In return for your commitment, energy, and ambitions we offer you the freedom to do what you do best in your job. People are recognised for the work they do and they see us as a caring employer.

Working at our offices means you´ll be part of our talented team of specialists in logistics, procurement, accounting, sales, IT, HR, and marketing, to mention a few. You´ll be working in a dynamic workplace with new and exciting opportunities. We are always looking for passionate people to join our journey. Our job is to ensure you achieve personal growth.