clean cars and nature
Clean cars and nature

Washing your car at Circle K is an easy way to contribute to a cleaner environment. At our stations, waste water and chemicals are taken care of by separators. At home, or on the street, the waste disappears into the ground and ends up in nature and eventually in the groundwater. It is always better to wash your car at a station than at home on the street.

Our goal is to make Circle K the most environmentally responsible car wash chain in Europe. To achieve that, we work hard in several important areas.

Reducing the use of chemicals

We do our out most to avoid harmful chemicals in our car washes and together with our suppliers we have come a long way.  In many markets the products are Svanen labeled. Whenever possible, we go beyond minimum requirements and choose even more environmentally responsible products.

Saving water

We work hard to reduce our impact and usage of water. An effective way to do this is through water recycling. When an old car wash machine is replaced, every 7th year or when it reaches 100,000 washes, we take the opportunity to install a new water recycling system. At least 10% of our car washes are updated every year.

Smarter power consumption

By replacing older car wash machines with new and more efficient ones, we significantly lower our power consumption. Upgrading to other modern energy saving equipment, such as LED lamps at all our stations, helps us to further save energy. We are also at the forefront of adapting and testing new green solutions, such as using solar power for water heating and using excess heat from the store to heat the car wash area.

Main targets (2018-2023): 

  • Reduce chemical usage by 15% per wash.
  • Reduce consumption of fresh water by 25 % per wash.
  • Reduce electricity usage by 25 % per wash.

What you can do:

  • Wash your car at our stations instead of at home or on the street.
  • Choose the correct washing program with regards to season and needs.
  • When possible, use eco-labelled cleaning products for the inside of your car, too.