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Sustainable procurement


Circle K has an indirect social and environmental impact through our partners and suppliers. Therefore, it is crucial for us that everyone we do business with shares our values. Our main tool in this area is Circle K´s Supplier Declaration.

The Supplier Declaration stipulates our requirements and ensures that our suppliers follow international legislation and standards. The declaration also concerns issues such as sustainability, labor rights, human rights, anti-corruption and actions against inappropriate business practices.

The key objectives of Circle K’s sustainable sourcing strategy are

  • to source from suppliers that share our values
  • to manage impacts of our supply chain operations
  • to report transparently our efforts to all our stakeholders

In addition to our own Supplier Declaration we also work with EcoVadis, a third-party expert partner on sustainability evaluations of companies. All our bigger suppliers are taken through the process of evaluation in the areas of for example human rights, environmental impact and ethics.