Serving really good food
Serving really good food


A quick stop for a coffee and a sandwich in the morning, a steady meal after a long drive or a well-deserved treat after a hectic workday? Whatever your choice may be, our commitment is to make your order as tasty, healthy and eco-friendly as possible.

That means everything from putting more meat into our sausages, using only free-range eggs, serving eco-labelled coffee or adding yummy vegetarian alternatives to our menus. But it also includes bigger issues such as food waste, environmentally friendly packaging and supporting a fair and sustainable global food industry. Our goal is to make it easy for people on the go to enjoy better food and beverages.

We concentrate our efforts into four key areas.

1. Improving our products

We make sure your food and beverages are of high quality and contain a minimum of less healthy ingredients like fat and salt. In Norway, for example, we reduced the salt content in our hamburger buns by 70 %. The change from 1 gram per unit to 0,3 gram makes a significant difference for each customer. We also strive to keep our ingredient lists as short as possible, avoiding as many preservatives as we can.

2. Monitoring the origin

All food and drinks that we sell must be produced in a responsible and sustainable way. We are highly selective when choosing suppliers and we regularly conduct audits and quality controls. Our objective is to secure the whole production chain — from farming and animal conditions to manufacturing, ingredients and transportation.

3. Serving better coffee

Our coffee is probably our most beloved product and a constant top seller. Every year Circle K serves almost 100,000,000 cups all over Europe. All our coffee is certified by Rainforest Alliance. When buying your coffee at Circle K, you will thereby contribute to the preservation of rain forests, fair working conditions and pesticide-free farming. We also offer reusable cups in most of our markets.

4. Reducing waste

Food waste and littering have quickly become a big problem in many parts of the world. Plastic and excessive packaging are polluting our nature and our seas. We want to contribute to solutions! Proper storing and “just-in-time cooking” with the help of digital tools reduces food waste — when you know exactly how many sausages you should put on the grill at different time of the day, you will end up with less leftovers. Unnecessary packaging is reduced wherever it is possible, and when it is not possible, we convert to sustainable and recyclable materials.

Main targets (2018-2023): 

  • Full nutrition and allergen declaration on all our menu items.
  • All our food suppliers assessed on sustainability criteria.
  • 30% of all coffee sold in reusable cups.
  • Reduce waste by 25% annually.

What you can do:

  • Dispose your litter, such as plastic and aluminium waste, in a responsible way.
  • Keep a reusable cup for coffee and other beverages in your car.
  • Try some new and healthy food now and then — you may love it!